Nowadays, people are not going to the streets anymore, instead, they are staying in their houses and doing everything from their computer, even protesting and fighting for their rights. The slacktivism, the act of supporting social causes inside your own comfort zone, is one of the most contemporary form of spreading ideologies and engaging people. It might be something that people do only to feel that they are participating in a cause, but it is also an important way of communicating.

Is that a new way of being an activist? Or is it just laziness?

Couchvism, is an app to spread about this contemporary behavior, by making the user just click and answer silly questions, he would be playing a kind of game in his own couch, and by the end of the questionnaire, he will be labeled in one of the four types of couchvists existing. These four groups are: the slacktivists, people who think they are doing a lot by just sharing political images. The online activist, people who actually use the internet as a media to support and spread social causes. The cyberterrorist, people who do internet based attacks to create alarm and panic. And the hacktivists, people who write and hack codes to promote political ideologies.

They will also have a personalized revolution or a revolutionary act, according to the kind of couchvist they are. By doing this app, users get to know themselves more than they want to, and the data collected by the app can be displayed on a website or an exhibition room.

Leeuw, Bram de
Ateş, Özhan
Brucznitski, Pedro