My idea for timelapse was photographing (portret) my classmates by asking them how they feel every day.

Every time i made a picture of them i asked them how they felt. They could answer me by giving themselves grades (1 bad, 2 average, 3 okay, 4 good 5 perfect). For making it visual i used colors for the numbers. 1 is red, 2 is purple, 3 green, 4 is blue and 5 yellow. For 40 days i shot pictures of my classmates, sometimes i wasnt there or the specific student wasn’t there. For my non presence the color is orange, for their non presence it is grey.

In the Title sequence i used the 40 days recording of Timelapse students as an visual appaerence of Timelapse assignment (see video below for the result).

Class 2B from Ozhan Ates on Vimeo.

Title sequence Class 2B is one of the few assignment of Interactive Media. My inspiration for the title sequence started with the first assignment called Timelapse